Save lots of money with Finstek Bundles!

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Save lots of money with Finstek Bundles!
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MT4 Bridge — First 90 Days Free

  • Connects your MT4 to multiple Banks and Brokers
  • Dramatically increase profitability with our incredible A & B-book Risk Management tools
  • 100% uptime guaranteed or we will refund your monthly Bridge fees
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the Edge

Multi–Account Manager (MAM) — First 90 Days Free

  • Money manager can trade multiple accounts with 1 click
  • Money manager can automate performance fees billing
  • Fully compatible with Finstek’s MT4 Bridge
  • Flexible trade allocation types:
    a. By lot size b. By equity c. By balance
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Members Area

  • Fully automated eKYC, eAML and client onboarding within minutes
  • Full eWallet solution with multitude of payment service providers already integrated from around the World
  • Customize account opening based on each country’s regulations
  • Launch Marketing campaigns and promotions by City, Country and IB.
  • Easy setup for Master IBs and sub-IBs
  • Your IBs at different levels can pay themselves on demand with one click
  • Extensive reports for broker management, sales, marketing and IBs
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the Edge

Social Trading — Copy Trading

  • Launch your own branded Social Trading platform
  • Clear display of Master Traders performance and ranking
  • Investors can follow and copy-trade successful Master Traders
  • Detailed trading performance reports for Investors
  • Master Traders can earn performance fees from Investors. Master Traders decide how much performance fees to charge the Investors.
  • Master Traders can share their links to promote their trading performance
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